2012 Summer Meeting

June 14    (7.0 Cat‐1 CFE Credits)
Recreational & Tourism
Forest History of the region at every tour stop
Gas & Oil Exploration
Coal Tipple
Tour the IPCO chip mill
Honey‐Baked Ham box  lunch
TWRA Management at Royal Blue WMA
Forest Management and the Cerulean and Golden‐winged Warblers
Hemlock Wooly  Adelgid
Coal Reclamation
Elk Restoration & Viewing
BBQ Dinner

June 15    (3.5 Cat‐1 CFE Credits)
This is an optional tour of the Coal Creek OHV area. Each person must  supply your own ATV or rent one ahead of time. The guided tour will try to incorporate stops at:
OHV recreation activities
Beautiful Vistas
Forest Management
Wind Turbines
Forest History sites
Gas & Oil sites