2009 Summer Meeting


Thursday, June 11
12:00—1:00 Registration
1:00—1:15 Welcome (Vice Mayor Mark Hartz)
1:15—2:00 Integrating Conservation and Suburban Growth Management (Eric Bridges and Nick Bridgeman)
2:00—2:45 Tree Ordinances (Bruce Webster)
2:45—3:00 Break/Silent Auction
3:00—3:45 Water Uptake by Trees in the Urban Environment (Dr. Jennifer Franklin)
3:45—4:30 The Story of Coyote in Tennessee (Dr. Michael Kennedy)
4:30—5:30 Break/Check-in Hotel
5:30—6:30 Business Meeting
6:30—8:30 Banquet (IH Park Clubhouse)

Friday, June 12
7:00—8:00 Registration/Silent Auction
8:00—8:45 The Invasive Plant Dilemma: Those we plant continue to invade our forests (Dr. James Miller)
8:45—9:30 Firewise: Making Homes and Communities Safer From Wildfires (Leon Konz)
9:30—9:45 Break/Silent Auction Closes
9:45—10:30 GIS/GPS Application for Conservation of the Urban Forest (Josh Thompson)
10:30—11:00 Break/Load Vans
11:00—1:30 Tour/Lunch
1:30—2:00 Settle Items for Silent Auction
2:00 Adjourn