Program Committee

Committee Chair

Andy Norris - Franklin, TN


OBJECTIVES:  Provide guidance in developing informative and enjoyable meetings for the K-T membership on the last Thursday and Friday in January (Winter Meeting) and the second Thursday and Friday of June (Summer Meeting).

     Provide an opportunity for the SAF membership to exchange ideas and knowledge with fellow professionals and individuals interested in or concerned about forestry and the practice of forestry at these meetings.

     Insure that the chapter hosting meetings have ample time to plan and put on the meeting. Insure that the membership has adequate time to plan for future meetings. This includes providing enough information about the program so that members will be able to participate and encourage others to participate.

ORGANIZATION:  The Program Committee shall consist of a Chairman, all Chapter Program Chairs, and members at large who wish to contribute to the development of the K-T meetings. The K-T SAF Chairman shall appoint the Program Chairman. At a minimum three subcommittees, one for each of the next three meetings will be formed at the winter meeting. These subcommittees will consist of a general meeting chairman, program chairman, and arrangements chairman for the next summer meeting, winter meeting and following summer meeting. The general meeting chairman for each subcommittee should be the program chairman or program chairman elect of the chapter hosting the meeting. Members of the hosting chapter should fill the other two chairs on the subcommittees. As many members as possible should serve on each host chapter subcommittee. The K-T Chairman should designate a Society Program Chairman Elect by the summer meeting.

ACTIVITIES: Establish a two-year schedule of program locations at the winter meeting so that the hosting chapters can maintain the quality of K-T meetings.

     Insure that a Program agenda, location, cost, and list of accommodations for the next meeting are available for the meeting participants and K-T Newsletter Editor at each meeting. Insure that a meeting theme and location for the following meeting is available for the KY-TN newsletter Editor and meeting participants at each meeting.

     Assist subcommittees (chapters) in developing meetings, making arrangements for guests including students, SAF national representatives and award recipients, and developing themes and key agenda items.

     The committee shall meet at least once each year to prepare a written report to be submitted at the Winter K-T SAF meeting. The report will include highlights of the previous two meetings with attendance, program, and financial summary.

AMENDMENTS:  This charter may be amended by majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Approved by Executive Committee  __/s/ Jeffrey W. Stringer_____ Date January 24, 2001

                                                              K-T SAF Chairman