Policy/Legislative Committee

Committee Chair

Hagan Wonn - Somerset, KY


OBJECTIVES:  The Committee will make recommendations to the Executive Committee concerning matters of policy and positions on issues of concern to the K-T SAF. Recommendations will be provided in appropriate form and content to meet national guidelines and Society objectives.

ORGANIZATION:  The Committee Chairman will be the past K-T SAF Chairman. The Policy - Legislative Committee shall consist of past K-T SAF Chairman that continues to actively participate in Society affairs. Other members may be appointed by the K-T SAF Chairman as needed to appropriately represent forestry on issues before the committee.

ACTIVITIES:  Monitor legislation by State and local governments. Insure that government representatives are informed that the Society is available to provide technical information concerning the sustainability of forests into the future and forest management practices.

     Maintain contact with cooperators and forest landowners both government and private. Provide technical input into management practices that may affect the future of forests in Kentucky and Tennessee when cooperators and landowners seek information.

     Provide information, policy, and position statements to the Executive Committee or assist Chapters in drafting local statements when assistance is requested. Insure that statements meet national guidelines, and are within the scope of the Society's goals and objectives.

     Review forest policies, forest policy issues, and position statements referred to or originating within the State Society. The committee may recommend a State Society position on any policy issue to the Executive Committee, and may recommend modification, reaffirmation, or termination of any existing position.

     The committee shall meet at least once each year to prepare a written report to be submitted at the Winter K-T SAF meeting. The report will summarize activities for the year and have supporting documents attached.

AMENDMENTS: This charter may be amended by majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Approved by Executive Committee  _____/s/ Jeffrey W. Stringer____ Date January 24, 2001

                                                                                           K-T SAF Chairman