Memorial Scholarship Committee

Committee Chair

Dr. Wayne Clatterbuck - Maryville, TN


OBJECTIVES: The Committee is responsible for the stewardship of the scholarship fund, promoting contributions to the fund, and investing money from donations to the fund.

     Provide the funds for the annual scholarship award to the forestry student from the University of Tennessee, University of Kentucky and the University of the South. The selection of the student is made by the Forestry Schools of the Universities in accordance with the Education Committee Charter.

     Serve as custodian of moneys provided for this purpose from such sources as memorials contributed in memory of deceased members of the K-T Section, and contributions from other sources deemed appropriate by the executive committee.

ORGANIZATION:  The Committee shall consist of a Chairman, one member of the Executive Committee, and at least 1 and no more than 6 additional members. The K-T SAF Chairman shall appoint the Chairman and members of the committee. The Chairman will attempt to appoint an equal number of members from each state. Each State must be represented by a minimum of one member.

ACTIVITIES:  The Committee will manage the Scholarship fund to obtain a reasonable return on capital investments.

Contributions to the fund are directed to the fund committee and are deposited in the investment account(s) agreed to by the committee. The committee chairman will notify the Secretary of the name of the donor. The Secretary will send a card to the spouse or family of the deceased member with the information that the memorial contribution has been received.

     Disbursement of moneys for the award from the fund will be made by the withdrawal of the amount requested by the treasurer from the investment account and forward to the treasurer.

     The committee shall meet at least once each year to prepare a written report to be submitted at the Winter K-T SAF meeting. The report will summarize the financial status of the scholarship fund.

AMENDMENTS:  This charter may be amended by majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Approved by Executive Committee  ____/s/ Jeffrey W. Stringer___ Date January 24, 2001

                                                                                K-T SAF Chairman