Executive Committee

Committee Chair



OBJECTIVES:  The Executive Committee shall:

     Give general supervision to the affairs and interests of the State society and its contacts with the national society; control the expenditure of all funds; and approve the place, date and program of all meetings.

Provide continuity and direction for the K-T SAF. Insure that all members are represented in Society affairs and have an opportunity to enhance Forestry and the Forestry Profession.

     Conduct business in a fair and orderly manner. Permit and encourage members to participate in Society affairs and provide members an opportunity to improve the Society and the Forestry Profession.


     The Executive Committee consists of the K-T Society Chairman, Chairman Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, all Chapter Chairman, and standing committee chairman.


     The committee shall adopt a charter for each of the other committees, outlining the objectives, organization, and activities of the committees. 

     Each incoming Chairman shall recommend to each new Executive Committee at its first meeting additions, deletions, and changes in committee charters. Action on any charter, however, may be taken at any Executive Committee meeting.

     The committee shall fill by appointment the un expired term of any Executive Committee member; approve, or disapprove proposed appointments by the Chairman; advise the Chairman on all matters the chairman presents to the Committee; and act for the State society on urgent matters that require immediate action between State society meetings.

     A written record will be made of all meetings including those conducted by conference call, computer conference or computer correspondence. The record will be placed in the archives.

     Committee meeting shall be held at least annually.

AMENDMENTS:  This charter may be amended by majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Approved by Executive Committee  ___/s/ Jeffrey W. Stringer_____ Date January 24, 2001

                                                                              K-T SAF Chairman