Awards Committee

Committee Chair

Jon Lindsay - Savannah, TN



OBJECTIVES:  To oversee the K-T SAF awards and recognition process to include solicitation of nominations and recommending recipients for national, State and local forestry and conservation awards.

Insure that the awards system is fair and equitable for all members of K-T SAF and that awards accurately reflect the accomplishments of the recipients.

     The committee will insure that the awards system provides recognition to deserving individuals and encourages others to seek excellence in Forestry.

ORGANIZATION:  The Committee shall consist of a Chairman and at least 2 and no more than 6 additional members. The K-T SAF Chairman shall appoint the Chairman and members of the committee. The Chairman will attempt to appoint an equal number of members from each state. Each State must be represented by a minimum of one member. At least one committee member should be reappointed each year to assure continuity.

ACTIVITIES:  Receive and review nominations, and select recipients of approved awards, and other special K-T SAF awards with the concurrence of the K-T SAF Chairman. All chapters will be encouraged to submit a nominee for each award as appropriate for the next winter meeting.

     The Committee will periodically review award procedures and criteria and make recommendations to the Executive Committee for any necessary changes. Nomination forms will describe the award and the criteria used in selecting recipients. A copy of each nomination form will become a part of this charter.

     The Forestry Department of the University of Kentucky, University of the South and University of Tennessee will be responsible for selecting the outstanding student member from each college chapter annually as specified in the Education Committee Charter.

     Solicit, receive and review nominations, and recommend candidates to the Executive Committee for nominations for those awards of National, State or Regional Significance in the field of Forestry, conservation and Scientific Achievement.

     Either write a news release about award recipients or provide to the Communications Chairman by January 1, information so that the Communications Committee can write a news release for distribution at the K-T SAF winter meeting. Insure that photo's are taken of all awards recipients.

     The committee shall meet at least once each year to prepare a written report to be submitted at the Winter K-T SAF meeting. The report will include a summary of award recipients.

AMENDMENTS:  This charter may be amended by majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Approved by Executive Committee  _____/s/ Jeffrey W. Stringer _____ Date   January 24, 2001

                                                                          K-T SAF Chairman