Auditing Committee

Committee Chair

Heather Slayton - Nashville, TN


OBJECTIVES:  The Committee will insure the integrity of the Societies financial records.

ORGANIZATION:  The Committee shall consist of a Chairman, the immediate past K-T Society secretary and at least 1 additional member. The K-T SAF Chairman shall appoint the Chairman and members of the committee. The Chairman will attempt to appoint an equal number of members from each state. Each State must be represented by a minimum of one member. The additional member will not be the immediate past Treasurer.

ACTIVITIES:  At the conclusion of the fiscal year the committee shall inspect the financial records of the Treasurer.

     The committee shall certify the accuracy of the financial statements prepared by the treasurer and shall report the results of the audit to the Executive Committee.

     The committee shall meet at least once each year to prepare a written report to be submitted at the Winter K-T SAF meeting. The report will certify the accuracy of the Societies records at the time of audit.

AMENDMENTS:  This charter may be amended by majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Approved by Executive Committee  ___/s/ Jeffrey W. Stringer_____ Date January 24, 2001

                                                                          K-T SAF Chairman